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I have held my AWS-CWI license since 1989 and have field experience working with ASME/AWS/API Codes since 1974 when I became commissioned as a National Board Inspector. I have three decades of experience associated with new construction, inspection, and repairs/alterations.

It is essential to have a Quality Program in place and I am vastly familiar with these. An experienced and qualified inspector will use such a program to prevent problems from happening. To be successful the program must meet your needs and goals. As your welding consultant and inspector, I can use my knowledge and experience to go in first, evaluate the job, point out any weak areas, and make proper recommendations. An effective and efficient program will reduce construction problems and improve your reputation for producing quality work on time and within budget.

Some of the Codes I work with are:

  • ASME - Sect. I, Sect. IV, Sect. VIII, Sect. IX, B31.1, B31.3
  • AWS - D1.1, D1.5
  • API - 620, 650, and 1104
  • I have also worked with A.S.M.E. "A", "S", "U", "PP" and "H" Stamps covering the fabrication and alteration of high and low pressure boilers, unfired pressure vessels, power piping and heating boilers for three decades. I am an exam certified NDE Qualified Level lII in PT, MT, RT, and VT. This combined experience permits me to develop Quality Programs, including all required welder training, welding procedures, and welding inspections for my clients.

    I believe my experience allows me to provide an effective program tailored to your organizational needs. I am extremely experienced with new construction, as well as welding repairs. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my services and qualifications in more detail and answer any specific questions you may have.

    Please contact us for any questions or consultation. A rate sheet and references are also available upon request.

    A Maine based company primarily serving Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and other New England states. Based on individual circumstances, our services are available worldwide.
    For more information call (207) 437-2818.