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I remember as a young boy a person's reputation was built upon a good old-fashioned work ethic, his word, and a handshake. Modernization has changed some of the ways of doing business, but I still feel that a good work ethic and a person's word is still the foundation that success is built upon. Downeast Welding Consultants and Inspections not only believes in this, we conduct our work in this manner and always will. We believe that clients and people as a whole should be treated with the dignity, respect and honesty that they deserve.

Downeast Welding Consultants and Inspections believes that quality should be built into a product, not inspected into it. A good consultant will prevent problems from occurring in order to eliminate the need for non-conformance reports to be generated. Unseen costs will not occur when the consultant is doing his job. Downeast Welding Consultants and Inspections can perform this service for you.

A Maine based company primarily serving Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and other New England states. Based on individual circumstances, our services are available worldwide.
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