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This certification will include training in understanding the requirements and parameters of a welding procedure. The welder will be introduced to basic metallurgical properties and weld stress considerations. The welder will perform the required welding tests to the welding procedures requested by the employer and will demonstrate the understanding of all the destructive tests that will result in his becoming certified. The welder will be introduced to techniques of welding plate and pipe, proper weld deposition, weld profiles, and acceptance criteria of the applicable codes.

Our inspector is a licensed welding inspector AWS-CWI and is also a Level III in NDE and will oversee all welding activity. Welder certification can be done on any material in any position. The certification tests can be tailored to the customerís specific needs. The certifications will meet the standards of the ASME, AWS, or any other code required. A welding program such as this will result in better-trained employees as well as assure the employer that the welder has passed a welding certification test and has demonstrated his abilities. A certified welder is a valuable asset to any Quality Program.

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