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Downeast Welding Consultants and Inspections offers training that includes knowledge of metallurgy and how it is affected during the welding process. The welders will learn the various groupings of metals and how a change in Base Metals, Filler Metals, or any of the essential variables can affect welding qualities as well as procedures. They will receive training in the interpretation and understanding of welding procedures, welding processes, and welding technique. Welders will be exposed to welding symbols and learn how to interpret them. Welders will be taught the proper use of various processes and the limitations of each. Welders will be instructed in the importance of following the parameters of their welding procedures and the limitations of the code required variables that they will encounter. Individual instruction is given to the welders to assure complete understanding of the information presented.

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A Maine based company primarily serving Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and other New England states. Based on individual circumstances, our services are available worldwide.
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